About Us

In October, 2004, our daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  This began for us, a very personal journey.  We had never heard of Celiac Disease until that day.  We were given instructions to not give her any wheat, rye, barley or oats, and sent on our way.  The first few months after her diagnosis consisted of tearful quests to obtain and find food that she could eat.  Many things had to be prepared from scratch with ingredients I’d never even heard of.  It was a daily quest to search for food that was time consuming, emotionally draining and tested our entire family.

We at Against the Grain want to be your gluten-free solution.  We are opening our doors to the small, growing community of those who require gluten-free/wheat-free products.  We provide selections for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks from high quality, trusted, gluten-free manufacturers, along with baking items, recipes and information.  We also have wonderful fresh baked breads, buns, cake, pies and cookies, that are to die for!!

We are not doctors and do not presume to take the place of any advice or diagnosis a doctor has given you.  We are simply concerned members of the Celiac Community wanting to fulfill the need for one place to obtain gluten-free products at reasonable prices.