How to Order

We at Against the Grain are continually checking and re-checking the products we carry to be sure they are gluten-free and safe for consumption.  We are determined to have quality gluten-free food items for your convenience and that of your family.  We do not presume to take the place of any advice or information given to you by any health care professional.  We make every effort to ensure that products we offer are and will continue to be gluten-free.  It is the responsibility of each of us to read labels carefully to determine if a certain product is safe for our own consumption.  Depending upon the sensitivity level of certain people, simply washing equipment between production, may not be enough to prevent cross-contamination, although for others, it may be.  We do not personally guarantee products as gluten-free but do make every effort to keep up to date on those items which may change ingredients and will inform patrons as we become aware.

How to place an order:
Print the order form and fill it out and then fax your order to us at (801) 955-4323 or contact us at (801) 955-4418 to phone in your order.  We will gladly process your order and ship it to your door.  Prices are subject to change without notice.  Weekly sales are not listed on our website, but if something is on sale, you will be given the sale price.  Perishable items will not be shipped.  If something is out of stock, you will need to re-order.  It will be deducted from your order and that specific amount returned to you with your order.  Our fax machine will be available 24/7, but keep in mind, we will receive your request during regular business hours.

If you would like us to order anything that you have seen or know about, please contact us and let us know.  We want to be your gluten-free solution and have the items that you would like us to carry. Thank you so much for your patronage. Remember, what you eat, we eat.

Holiday and Special Occasion Orders:
For every holiday, we have available sugar cookies, pies, breads, rolls, etc.,  They can be picked up the day prior to the holiday, most generally.  The exception is Christmas where pick up dates will vary, depending on the day of the week that Christmas falls on.  We begin taking orders 3 weeks prior to the holiday.  If you do not have an order placed by the deadline, which is several days prior to the holiday, we may have some extras which are on a first come, first served basis. Please call the store and ask to be placed on the extra’s list.  Extra orders are filled as we have extra items.  You will be contacted with information to come and get your order, or if we cannot fill your order.  On the day that orders are to be picked up, they are ready for pick up after 3 pm.  We suggest calling the store to be sure orders are in prior to venturing our way.

For special occasions we suggest calling a week ahead to order your pies, rolls, cookies, cakes, etc. Please see Charlotte’s Bakery in our product listing for what’s available.

In store we credit and debit cards, EBT and cash.  If we are shipping your order, shipping will need to be added and depending upon the size, weight and destination, we cannot quote shipping charges until they are rendered.  Therefore, we only accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.  Your card will be charged the day we ship your package.

By U.S. Mail within 2 business days of you placing your order.  Our business hours are Monday through Friday 10am-6pm and Saturday 10am-4:00pm.  We are closed Sunday and Monday.

Shipping charges will be charged to your credit card, along with your order total, on the day that your order ships.  Shipping charges vary depending upon the weight, size and destination of shipment.  The shipping charge may also include the cost of any surcharges or insurance that may be imposed by the carrier.  All orders must include your name, address and a telephone number where you can be reached should questions about your order arise.  Shipping charges will be applied to each carton needed to ship your order.

If fresh bread is being sent, it must be sent two day and additional shipping costs apply.  From July 1st to September 1st, we ship fresh breads next day to insure they arrive in great condition.  We realize this is expensive, but do not guarantee any shipment that is not shipped in this manner.  We also suggest that you add insurance to your shipping.  We are not responsible for the condition in which a package arrives.  Unfortunately, unless you have insurance on your package, the post office is not responsible either.  If you do not have insurance on your package, there is no guarantee and the products will need to be re-ordered and re-shipped, for additional charges.  It is your responsibility to provide a correct address for the area you live in.  In small town areas, the post office delivers to boxes and not street addresses.  It is your responsibility to give us a correct address.

If you feel the need to return any item, it must be within 30 days of the date of purchase.  You will need to contact us for a return number.  After so doing, you may ship the item to us.  It must include tracking and insurance.

We are not responsible for the condition in which your package arrives.  For an additional fee, please add insurance to your package so that if damage occurs, you can receive a refund from the post office.  If no insurance is added, and the package is destroyed or damaged, we are not responsible for replacing it, or for additional shipping costs.  The items will need to be re-ordered and re-shipped at additional cost to you.

Any information you submit to us will be kept confidential and will not be used for any reason other than contacting you about your order or responding to a request you have made, etc.